Best Coworking Spaces In Portugal You’ll Love in 2023!

Portugal’s first coworking space opened in Lisbon in 2009.


Over the years, with an increase in the number of self-employed people in Portugal, the country witnessed its coworking industry grow and bloom.


Whatever your location, budget, preferred amenities, and field, coworking spaces in Portugal will meet your needs!

As such, you can expect to have a great time as a digital nomad in Portugal. With all its modern-day facilities and high-quality coworking spaces, you’ll definitely love the concept of remote work here!

But what are some of the best coworking spaces in Portugal that are not only comfortable but also affordable? Grab your laptop plus other essentials as we explore the streets of Portugal to mark the best options you have (and will love)!


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Why Portugal?

Before throwing light on the best coworking spaces in Portugal, let’s talk about what makes Portugal perfect for digital nomads and remote workers.


Portugal As A Travel Destination

With its sandy beaches, sunny days, miles of coastline, and warm climate, Portugal is naturally an ideal destination for folks who love all things maritime-related.

Rich culture and history, exquisite wines and world-renowned cuisine, plus music festivals and stunning landscapes are some of the features that make this country a perfect travel destination.

Plus, according to Numbeo and Expatistan, Portugal has the lowest cost of living in all of Europe. This means you can work, travel, and enjoy yourself without creating a hole in your pocket!



Portugal has in store many amenities for digital nomads:

  • Good internet connections throughout the country with standard service providing 350 Mbit/s
  • A healthy digital community for remote workers
  • Plenty of short-term housing options catering to a range of budgets
  • Friendly locals warmly welcoming English-speaking nomads
  • High ranking in terms of freedom of speech, religion, and social tolerance

Added to the above, you’ll find some of the best coworking spaces in Portugal. If you’re someone who’d like to share a living area with like-minded people, you will also find many coliving spaces!


Things To Do


During your stay in Portugal, you’ll find heaps of fun things to do to make your stay worthwhile. Here are a few you must try:

  1. Take strolls on the beach (and in the cities) throughout the year
  2. Go surfing and scuba diving
  3. Play Portugal’s national sport, football
  4. Explore Portuguese history and culture
  5. Visit the country’s awe-inspiring castles


  • Can an American work in Portugal?

Absolutely! Americans can thrive in Portugal as digital nomads while satisfying their wanderlust and exploring the country’s beauty. For more details on becoming a digital nomad in Portugal (including tax and visa requirements), check out our digital nomad’s all-in-one guide to Portugal!

  • Does Amazon Prime work in Portugal?

Yes, Amazon Prime is available to customers in Portugal.

  • Does Uber work in Portugal?

Uber is available in most big cities in Portugal, including Porto, Lisbon, and Ericeira.

  • Is Portugal safe?

Portugal ranks in the top 15 safest countries of the world.

Now that we’ve painted the picture of Portugal as a digital nomad’s destination, let’s move on towards the best coworking spaces in Portugal in 3 of its top cities.



The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is undeniably one of the hottest startup destinations and a strong reference when it comes to coworking spaces. This highlights the diversity of tech and creative businesses in the area.  Moreover, coworking in Lisbon has become increasingly popular. This has fostered community, brought together like-minded people, and has helped digital nomads fight loneliness while working in motivating work environments.

So, what are the best coworking spaces in Portugal’s capital? Let’s find out!

If you want to see the full list of coworking space in Lisbon, check out out selection Nomad Cowork!

  1. Lisbon WorkHub

With many shared spaces such as meeting rooms, a lounge, and a kitchen, this coworking space is perfect for digital nomads. Plus, it offers private offices and extra storage space.

  • Charges: €15/day, €123/month (flexible desk), €184/month (private desk)
  • Address: R. Tabaqueira A2, 1950-256 Lisboa
  • See more about Workhub


  1. Hyggelig

Located in the heart of Lisbon, Hyggelig offers modern-day amenities (such as electric height-adjustable desks) and 24/7 access. Plus, there are private lockers, a vibrant environment, and complimentary beverages!

  • Charges: €15/day (flexible desk), €60/week, €200/month (private desk)
  • Address: R. Nova do Desterro 29 3º dto, 1150-241 Lisboa
  • See more about Hyggelig


  1. LACS Anjos

LACS is featured by coworking areas, a restaurant, an art gallery, plus an events room. It has a quirky environment and is the perfect blend of leisure and culture.

  • Charges: €120/month (flexible desk), €175/month (private desk), €220/month (private office)
  • Address: R. Febo Moniz 27B, 1150-152 Lisboa
  • See more about LACS Anjos



This coworking space offers a photography studio, workbenches, and phone booth. With its exclusive lounge and office space, it is the perfect implementation of the new office concept.

  • Charges: €31/day (flexible desk), €99/day (meeting room)
  • Address: Rua 2 da Matinha, Lote A, 5º Loft F, 1950-073 Lisboa
  • See more about NKOOWOORK



LACS is featured by a nude interior, stunning vistas of the city, and proximity to the river. Plus, it offers fun amenities, such as a tattoo shop, art gallery, and yoga classes. 


  1. The Block Lisboa

The Block Lisboa offers a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and culture. Perfect home base for digital nomads and remote workers, while our state-of-the-art co-working space offers a professional and productive environment for getting work done. 



Despite being a small town, Ericeira is home to some of the best coworking spaces in Portugal

With a download speed of 94 Mbps and generally stable WiFi connections, you can expect to have a smooth working routine. 

Plus, there are numerous opportunities for recreation. Its location on the coastline means you’ll find loads of water-based activities and lots of time to sunbathe on the beach. You can also hang out in its gyms, yoga studios, and eateries, or take day trips to nearby areas.

What’s more, commuting and public transport (including Uber) runs smoothly, so getting around is easy. But to make the most of your stay as a digital nomad, it’s always a good idea to look for a suitable coworking space. So, let’s discover your best options.

If you are looking for coworking spaces in Eiriceira we have the full selection in our site. Check them out.

  1. Kelp CoWork

With a kitchen, lounge area, and human-centric, healthy environment, Kelp CoWork is sure to be your home away from home!

  • Charges: €12/day, €60/month (flexible desk), €160/month (private desk), €5/hour (meeting room)
  • Address: R. de São Félix 12, 2655-362 Ericeira
  • See more about Kelp Cowork


  1. The Salt Studio Cowork

With meeting and call rooms, 24/7 access, and a beautiful studio space, The Salt Studio is one of the best coworking spaces in Portugal. As a cherry on the cake, you’ll get free coffee, tea, and cookies!


  1. Nomads @Ericeira CoWorking Space

A multifaceted coworking space with plenty of amenities, this space is featured by a meeting room, a kitchen, plus a shared terrace.

  • Charges: €200/month (dedicated desk), €12/day, €25/week (hot desk)
  • Address: R. do Emigrante 3, Ericeira
  • See more about Eiriceira




Porto is ideal for digital nomads seeking serenity. Because it’s a lot smaller than Lisbon, it provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Its artsy vibes, tech startup companies, and rich culture are a few reasons it is becoming increasingly popular amongst digital nomads. Plus, its living costs are even lower than those of Lisbon - talk about being affordable!

If you are looking for our full list of porto coworking spaces Nomad Cowork offers a great variety to choose from.

Here are the top 5 coworking spaces you can choose from in Porto:


  1. Porto i/o - Coworking Spaces

Porto i/o is featured by 3 beautiful coworking spaces across the city: Porto i/o Seaside, Porto i/o Riverside, and Porto i/o Downtown. Each has a fantastic environment, stunning views, a warm community, and all necessary amenities.


  1. Facts CoWorking

Featuring lockers, a meeting room, showers, and a kitchen, this space has been providing an incredible coworking space to digital nomads since 2010. Facts believes that coworking is all about attitude, so it provides the most suitable environment to help you achieve all your goals.

  • Charges: €100/month (flexible desk), €1200/3 months (private office), €150/day (meeting room)
  • Address: R. de 5 de Outubro 185, 4100-175
  • See more about Facts CoWorking


  1. Synergy Porto

This coworking space - as the name suggests - believes in encouraging remote workers to establish synergies with other professionals and develop collaborative projects. For this purpose, it conducts training sessions and events so you can utilize your maximum potential as a coworker.

  • Charges: €80/12 days (flexible desk), €100/month (private desk), €300/month (private office)
  • Address: Av. de Fernão de Magalhães 613, 4350-154 Porto
  • See more about Synergy Porto


  1. The Spot Luggage & Lounge

The Spot Luggage & Lounge is a luggage storage, coWorking space with a cafe & lounge located in Porto city center, just opposite Trindade metro station. Guests can have breakfast (buffet) every day.

  • Charges: €5/hour (flexible  desk), €10/day (flexible desk), 130/ month (flexible desk) 
  • Address: Rua de Camões 33, 4000-286 Porto, Portugal
  • See more about Spot Luggage & Lounge


  1. Vertical Coworking

Vertical has 78 coworking spots (with access to kitchen, lounge, phone booths, and private meeting rooms), apartments, parking (with a charging station for electric cars, spaces for motorbikes and bicycles), venues for events, and a terrace.

  • Charges: €10/day (flexible desk), €40/week(flexible desk), €180/month (private desk) 
  • Address: Rua Guedes de Azevedo 131, 1º andar 4000-272 Porto
  • See more about Vertical Coworking


Looking for a stunning and idyllic destination to work and live as a digital nomad? Look no further than Cascais, a picturesque coastal town in Portugal that offers all the beauty, culture, and convenience you could ask for.

With its sandy beaches and breathtaking natural surroundings, Cascais is the perfect place to relax and recharge. And when you're ready to get back to work, you'll find a wealth of co-working spaces in Cascais to choose from, all within easy reach of all the town has to offer.

Here are the  coworking spaces you can choose from in Cacais:

  1. LACS Cascais

Vertical has 78 coworking spots (with access to kitchen, lounge, phone booths, and private meeting rooms), apartments, parking (with a charging station for electric cars, spaces for motorbikes and bicycles), venues for events, and a terrace.

  • Charges:  €120/month (private desk) 
  • Address: Estr. Malveira da Serra 920, 2750-834 Cascais, Portugal
  • See more about LACS Cascais


  1. Luna House & Cowork

At Luna House, guests are invited to start their day with a yoga session and then enjoy breakfast and tea and coffee throughout the day to keep their energy levels up and stay focused on their work. It's the perfect environment for anyone looking to relax, recharge, and get things done.


Come Explore The Best Coworking Spaces in Portugal!

With our list of the best coworking spaces in Portugal coming to an end, we hope you found the space that suits you best. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to find motivating environments and a chance to mingle with people of your kind!

Want to check out more coworking spaces in Portugal, or perhaps even book your space now? Let help you out!

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