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Sitio Fintech House is the premier workspace for fintech, insuretech, rechtech and cyber security professionals in Portugal. A joint venture between Portugal Fintech Association, Fintech House provides an unparalleled experience for its members. Located in a former palace, a national monument, the space is conveniently situated between the city centre and corporate headquarters. With ample support, an agenda and community tailored to the needs and interests of its members, Fintech House is the go-to destination for fintech in Portugal.




115.00 € per day
180.00 € per week


About Lisbon

about Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal - the beautiful city at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean - is the perfect destination for digital nomads. With its historical architecture, stunning scenery and vibrant culture, it has something to offer everyone. For digital nomads, Lisbon provides endless opportunities to explore and discover. From the winding streets of its old town to the stunning sunsets of the Tagus river, ...

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From 15/day