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Resvés Cowork Campo de Ourique


Resvés is a vibrant workspace for those who value collaboration, authenticity, and creativity. Located in the heart of Lisbon, this coworking and office space is a hub for cultural dynamics and networking. With a simplistic design that celebrates natural light and bright yellow accents, Resvés is the perfect balance of workspace and lifespace. Each corner is filled with small details to promote sharing and a sense of community, making it the ideal spot to get some hard work done and to find a home away from home. Conveniently located minutes from Rato metro, Estrela Park, Campo de Ourique Market, and many restaurants, Resvés is the perfect place to work and play.




122.00 € per day
1246.00 € per month


About Lisbon

about Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal - the beautiful city at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean - is the perfect destination for digital nomads. With its historical architecture, stunning scenery and vibrant culture, it has something to offer everyone. For digital nomads, Lisbon provides endless opportunities to explore and discover. From the winding streets of its old town to the stunning sunsets of the Tagus river, ...

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From 22/day