Top Coworking Spaces in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a part of the developed country of Spain and are nothing short of a coworking paradise.   

Recently, there has been an influx of digital nomads into the archipelago. This is especially true for 2021, when the pandemic led to increased remote workers, with many of these heading to the Canaries.

So, what is the top coworking space Las Palmas Gran Canaria, and what other cities of the Canary Islands have coworking spaces for digital nomads and remote workers? Let’s find out!               

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With lots to explore, the Canary Islands are undoubtedly a paradise for digital nomads. 

This is especially true because they offer numerous coworking spaces, so digital nomads find motivating workplaces where they can make new friends and beat loneliness while working in office-like environments.

In that regard, here are some of the best coworking spaces in the Canary Islands.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas  - precisely, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - is the capital of Gran Canaria. It has a more laid-back and less touristy environment, with serene beaches and stunning mountains. 

Above all, it is home to the best coworking space Las Palmas Gran Canaria (stay tuned to find out which one), plus many other options!

  1. GoCoworking

Being the top coworking space Las Palmas Gran Canaria, GoCoworking is perfectly located, offering easy access to restaurants, bus stops, and parks. 

  • Charges: €122/month (flexible desk), €144/month (private desk), €395/month (private office)

  • Address: C. Viera y Clavijo, 33, 2º, 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • Website:

  • Book Now


  1. Work-Labs

In addition to a comfortable coworking space, Work-Labs also provides options for coliving. As such, it is designed to be your home away from home!

  • Charges: Customized for duration

  • Address: C. Bolivia, 11, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • Website:


  1. Hashtag Workspace

Located in a historical building nestled in Vegueta, Hashtag Workspace is one of the top preferences of digital nomads in Spain.

  • Charges: €125/month (flexible desk), €18/hour (meeting room)

  • Address: C. Juan de Quesada, 22, 35001 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • Website:


  1. The House Coworking Space - Las Palmas

The House offers free breakfast and coffee, 2 kitchens, and comfortable sofas almost everywhere. 

  • Charges: €12/day (flexible desk), €110/month (nomad desk), €150/month (fixed desk)

  • Address: C. Bravo Murillo, 34, 35003, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • Website:

  • Book Now


  1. Dojo Coworking

Dojo Coworking hosts an incredibly relaxing space, perfect for coworkers coming together to work.

  • Charges: €15/day, €120/month (5hrs meeting room), €150/month (10hrs meeting room)

  • Address: C. Eduardo Benot, 53, 1ºA, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • Website:


Located in the South Island of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas is a sophisticated beach resort housing the largest waterpark of the Canaries.

It also forms a great destination for nature lovers, as it is rich in birdlife and featured by coastal dunes. Plus, it has vibrant nightlife and is very touristy, so you can expect some crowds and noise while you’re there.


  1. Coworking Neptuno

Coworking Neptuno provides 24/7 access to its air-conditioned insides. Plus, it has a meeting room, a printer, and parking right outside.


  1. We Love Coworking

This coworking space is perfect for non-conforming misfits to achieve all their goals!

  • Charges: €20/day and €120/week (flexible desk), €200/month (dedicated desk)

  • Address:  Av. de Tejeda, 68, 35100 Maspalomas

  • Facebook page: We Love Coworking


  1. Coworking Maspalomas

Offering a shared workspace in a fully furnished office with a professional environment, Coworking Maspalomas is a great option for digital nomads.

  • Charges: €200/month (fixed station), €100/week (flexible position)

  • Address:  Carretera General, 52, 35100 Maspalomas

  • Website:


  1. BEAC Co-working S.L.

Offering modern-day amenities and being a part of local entrepreneurial organizations, BEAC co-working is one of the best coworking stations in Maspalomas.


  1. Ayagaures Hábitat Arte

This is a conducive space allowing work and personal growth in natural settings.


Tenerife is a famous tourist destination and the largest island of the Canaries. With its numerous hiking activities, thrilling nightlife, and stunning landscape, there’s something for everyone here. Fun fact: It is home to one of the world’s largest volcanoes, Mt Teide!

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of this island and forms a great destination for coworking digital nomads.


  1. Coworking In The Sun

With leisure activities and Spanish lessons, this workspace is the perfect spot for you to mingle with other coworkers in Tenerife.

  • Charges: €15/day (flexible desk), €49/week (flexible desk), €149/4 weeks (fixed desk)

  • Address: n° 69, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz

  • Website:


  1. Ingenio Coworking Space

Ingenio is a stylish workspace perfect for solo workers and consolidated companies.

  • Charges: €50/week, €100/ month (hot desk), €150/month (special desk)

  • Address: Avenida Francisco La Roche 31, 1D

  • Website:


  1. Coworking Costa Adeje

With a friendly and productive environment illuminated by natural light, this coworking space is bound to enhance your productivity significantly!

  • Charges: €20/day, €50/week, €150/month

  • Address: C. Montaña Clara, 5, Local 4, 38660 Fañabéa

  • Website:


  1. Tenwork Coworking Space

Whether you wish to start your own business or work as a professional, Tenwork is your place to go. It also has an amazing coliving space. 

  • Charges: starting from €300/month

  • Address: C. Imeldo Serís, 108, 4C, 38003

  • Website:


  1. Coworking Nomad

Coworking Nomad is one of the top-rated coworking spaces proven by its diverse community of entrepreneurs and freelancers.

  • Charges: €12/day (nomad), €10/hour (meeting room)

  • Address: C. Santiago, 5, 38002

  • Website:


La Palma

It's one of the islands that has the least human intervention of the Canaries. Its heart shape, high mountains and beautiful landscapes make it the perfect place for a relaxing to visit but still enjoy breathtaking sceneries.


Cowork Cafe La Palma

Your coworking on La Palma is a place to work and socialize. Its quiet, comfortable and spacious. 

  • Charges: €21.40/day (flexible desk)

  • Address: Plaza de la Constitución, Llanos de Ariadne, España 

  • Website:


What The Canary Islands Have In Store For Coworking Digital Nomads

Before getting to the top coworking space Las Palmas Gran Canaria, and other amazing coworking destinations, let’s talk about what makes the Canary Islands perfect for coworking digital nomads.

The Canaries As A Travel Destination

Digital nomads always have an itch for traveling and exploring the world, and the Canary Islands form the perfect place to satisfy their wanderlust.

With their rugged landscape featured by volcanic isles and black and white sand beaches, digital nomads will never run out of stunning scenery to explore and marvel at.

The Canaries offer views of roaring pine forests and sandy coves, lush greenery and tumbling waterfalls, and glittery lava fields plus cacti-covered plains. 

Some great ways to witness Mother Nature’s doings in the Canary Islands are hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and horse-riding. You’ll be up to big fun during your stay!

The cherry on the top? The Canaries have a very mild, subtropical climate without much variation, so you can be out in the sun every day!

The Amenities For Digital Nomads

In addition to beautiful vistas, the Canary Islands offer a variety of facilities and amenities to digital nomads. Some of these include:

  • Easy access by cheap, direct flights from all across Europe

  • High internet speeds for the convenience of remote workers

  • Accommodation and groceries at reasonable costs.

  • A great transit system so you can get around easily

  • Low crime rates and high safety

Added to the above, digital nomads can find amazing coworking spaces, including a high-quality coworking space Las Palmas Gran Canaria. Stay tuned to learn more!

Top Things To Do

There’s loads you’ll find to do during your stay, but here are some of the top things you definitely don’t wanna miss: 

  1. Bathe in the turquoise waters of Charco Azul

  2. Participate in the annual Kite Festival

  3. Explore the underground caves of Jameos del Agua

  4. Join sailing tours around La Gomera

  5. Visit Caldera de Taburiente National Park

  6. Take a Gran Canaria Highlights Tour

Book Your Coworking Space

In addition to top coworking space Las Palmas Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands offer vast options of high-quality coworking-stations. And the good part is - each of them provides competitive working environments and comfortable equipment.

If you’ve chosen the one that suits you best, book your space now! In case of any queries, comment below or join a Facebook group!

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