An Insight Into The Coworking Life In Barcelona Digital Nomads Work The Trendy Way!

Constraints associated with traditional offices and the rapid progression of digital nomadism has given a huge boost to coworking life in Barcelona.


Whatever your location, budget, preferred amenities, and field, coworking spaces in Portugal will meet your needs!

As of September 2020, Barcelona featured 353 active coworking spaces - the highest number reported countrywide!

Clearly, coworking in Barcelona is all the rage, with more and more freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads taking it up as a trendy and effective way of work.

With Barcelona’s vibrant culture, beautiful climate, and stunning architecture, in addition to the fact that it is a well-known tech hub of Europe, there is no better time than now to hop on to the bandwagon of digital nomadism and begin coworking in Barcelona.

But before you get to it, here’s a much-needed insight into the coworking life in Barcelona, plus everything you need to know about working in Barcelona as a digital nomad!


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Coworking Life In Barcelona For Digital Nomads

“Can I, as an American, live in Barcelona?” - ever had this thought while considering your next destination as a digital nomad?

Well, the answer is - yes!

Considering Barcelona’s pool of talent, quality of life, high-quality coworking spaces, and startup ecosystem, you will not only enjoy your stay but also thrive as a professional (and coworker) in Barcelona.

With the influx of professionals into Barcelona for long-term stays, you can even consider it as an excellent spot for your permanent home!

To learn about the visa requirements needed, head to Spain as a digital nomad (plus everything else you need to know), check out our Ultimate Guide for Digital Nomads in Spain.

Why Opt For A Coworking Space In Barcelona

As a digital nomad, satisfying your wanderlust while leading an independent life can quickly get you off track. This is further boosted by the fact that you work remotely and often without being held accountable to anyone.

Plus, with Barcelona’s year-round sunshine, you’ll find it hard to resist exploring the place every single day.

As such, joining a coworking space is a great solution. You find a collaborative and productive environment similar to an office. Working with like-minded people in such places keeps you motivated for good and also helps with accountability.

Where To Work Remotely:
The Best Coworking Spaces In Barcelona

Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply someone looking for a motivating environment for your work, there are plentiful coworking spaces that await your arrival.

Out of these, here are some of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona that you can consider as your next workstation! Lucky for you, we’ve also put together general coworking prices in Barcelona and relevant addresses and websites.

1. CREC Coworking Barcelona Poble Sec

This spacious and illuminated workspace offers training rooms, business offices, and event spaces. With an air-conditioned and peaceful interior, you are bound to find that working environment you’ve been looking for here!

2. CREC Coworking Barcelona Eixample

Built as a two-storey street-side building, this pet-friendly coworking space offers modern amenities and equipment. It features flexible desks, private desks, a private office, and a meeting room, each coming at different prices.

3. La Vaca Coworking

La Vaca features spacious desks with comfy seats plus a meeting room. They also have phone booths, a cafeteria, and ping pong games. If you’re interested, you can also participate in their boot camps and yoga activities.

4. OneCoWork

OnceCoWork is hands down one of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona. With dedicated desks, flexible desks, and meeting rooms, this space makes sure your sole focus is on your work, not your workplace.

  • Charges: €25/day, €165/month (hot desk), €250/month (fixed desk)
  • Address: Marina Port Vell, Placa Catalunya, and Catedral
  • Website:
 Betahaus Barcelona
5. Betahaus Barcelona

Built with five air-conditioned floors, Betahaus makes sure you find a collaborative and work-oriented environment while enjoying the breathtaking vistas of the city.

  • Charges: €219 to €249/month (fixed desk), €69/40h a month (flexible desk)
  • Address: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7
  • Website:
 Makers of Barcelona (MOB)
6. Makers of Barcelona (MOB)

In addition to providing a workstation for bringing your creativity and innovation together, MOB hosts special workshops and training sessions, so you never stop learning!

  • Charges: Variable cost starting from €80 per month
  • Address: Carrer de Bailen, 11
  • Website:

How To Live As A Digital Nomad In Barcelona

Digital nomads - with their entrepreneurial mindsets - live a life full of freedom and independence. They travel the world, explore new cultures and cuisines, and make new friends, all while making an income remotely.

Digital nomadism needs some foresight and solid planning, but it’s not as hard as you think it is. With just the right resources and mindset plus a heapful of motivation, you’re good to go!

Barcelona is often considered one of the world’s top digital nomad cities. This partially owes to the fact that it enjoys the fastest internet speeds in Spain. With coworking in Barcelona developing and progressing, this position is enhancing all the more.

So, here’s a series of simple steps you can follow to hop on to the bandwagon and experience the coworking life in Barcelona as a digital nomad:

  • Start off with saving money.
  • Find a decent-paying online job. You can ask your current office if they allow remote working options as well. Brownie points if you pursue a side hustle.
  • Choose your coworking space in Barcelona.
  • Learn some essentials about Barcelona, such as visa requirements and where to stay.
  • Join a digital nomad group (such as Barcelona Digital Nomads or Digital Nomads Spain) on Facebook for inspiration and tips.
  • Once you have your visa and ticket in hand, fly to Spain for your first destination as a digital nomad!

How Much Money You Need To Be A Digital Nomad In Barcelona

One significant aspect of planning your life as a digital nomad is sorting out your expenses.

As a general idea, you need a flight ticket, travel insurance, a visa and some electronic gadgets before you head to Barcelona. Although this largely depends on your current location, you can keep an estimate of €900 in mind.

Additionally, you should have enough money to spend 6 months in the country. According to Numbeo , you’ll need approximately €700 per month to live in Barcelona. This amounts to €4200 for 6 months. If you will be coworking in Barcelona, make sure to add your coworking space cost to this amount.

You can also compare living costs between your current city and Barcelona to know what to expect.

But Wait - Is Being A Digital Nomad Lonely?

There’s a lot of debate around whether or not being a digital nomad is lonely. Let’s face it - wandering around the world as a solo traveller can get depressing at times. This is backed by studies that show loneliness is a leading complaint of remote workers.

This is one place where coworking spaces save the day.

In such spaces, you can connect with like-minded people who face the same day-to-day challenges as you. You can have conversations, make friends (and perhaps even find coffee partners), and motivate each other in the workspace. As such, co-working spaces foster communities, bringing together digital nomads and helping fight loneliness.

In fact, it has been found through studies that coworking spaces help individuals feel less isolated and lonely. In another study , 89% of people stated that coworking spaces make them happier.

So, coworking in Barcelona in one of the province’s cool and ultra-modern coworking spaces is a great investment while you’re there!

Coworking In Barcelona Awaits You!

Even though COVID-19 and the subsequent recommendations of social distancing have resulted in a 12.9% decline in coworking spaces worldwide, the market progressed majorly during 2014 and 2018 and is expected to recover and excel by 2023.

So, keep your laptop ready and online work opportunities researched, because coworking in Barcelona is returning with a bang. And as a digital nomad, there’s no better place to make full use of your tech-savvy skills while satisfying your wanderlust than in the tech hub of Barcelona!

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