5 rare low cost beautiful destinations + 3 remote work news.




  • The 5 rare, low cost, beautiful places your might want to consider remote working from.

  • Canadians & Brits work more from home than Americans do (42K people survey)

  • Discover how a Franchise uses remote work to foster company culture.

  • Remote work is killing traditional office work. Find out how.

5 rare low cost beautiful destinations

Are you tired of the same old digital nomad hotspots? Bali, Chiang Mai, and Medellin are so last decade.

It's time to pack your laptop and venture into the unknown.

Buckle up, as we take you on a whirlwind tour of the best off-the-beaten-path destinations for digital nomads.

1. Tbilisi, Georgia

Forget the peaches, Georgia is serving up a platter of fast internet, affordable living, and a rich cultural history.

Tbilisi, the capital, is a vibrant city with a burgeoning digital nomad community.

The cost of living? A mere €1,200 per month.

2. Da Lat, Vietnam

If you're seeking a cooler climate in Southeast Asia, Da Lat is your answer.

Nestled in the mountains, it's a refreshing change from the sweltering heat of Saigon. Plus, the local coffee is to die for.

The cost of living? A mere €800 per month.

3. Valparaiso, Chile

If you're a fan of vibrant street art, Valparaiso will steal your heart.

This seaside city offers a unique blend of urban life and beach vibes. It's a great base for South American exploration.

The cost of living? A mere €800 per month.


4. Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv is a charming city with cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and a thriving tech scene.

The cost of living? A mere €800 per month.

5. Kigali, Rwanda

Africa's rising star, Kigali, is clean, safe, and brimming with opportunities.  

It's a great base for exploring the African continent.

The cost of living? A mere €700 per month.


The Not-So-Glamorous Side…

Now, before you pack your bags and book a one-way ticket, let's talk about the challenges.

The digital nomad lifestyle isn't all Instagram-worthy sunsets and beachside co-working spaces.

There's the loneliness, the constant moving, the visa headaches, and the occasional dodgy Wi-Fi connection.

The Nomad Cowork Solution

At Nomad Cowork, we're all about making your digital nomad journey smoother.

Our 'Nomad Experience' product offers a unique blend of personal, professional, and spiritual growth opportunities.

We help you navigate the challenges and make the most of the digital nomad lifestyle.

So, are you ready to venture off the beaten path and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle? We're here to help you every step of the way.

You can check out now our Tenerife’s workation which does exactly that.


Canadians and Brits spend the most time working from home, even though Americans want to most, survey shows 🌍

Canadians and Brits are leading the way in remote working, according to a survey by the IFO Center for Macroeconomics and Surveys.

Despite Americans wanting to work from home the most, it seems their northern and across-the-pond counterparts are spending the most time doing so.

The survey, which included 42,000 full-time employees from 34 countries, sheds light on the global remote working trend.

What Franchising Can Teach Companies About Remote Work Culture 📰✨

Did you know that strong company culture can boost employee engagement by a whopping 72%?

Franchises, like Generator Supercenter, are showing us how to create a strong remote work culture.

Despite the challenges, they prioritize building a cohesive and engaging environment.

Why The Traditional Office Is Dead 💥

The traditional office is officially dead! Companies are embracing hybrid and remote work, focusing on flexibility, collaboration, and employee well-being.

No more 9-to-5 grind, expensive commutes, or stuffy conference rooms.

It's time to embrace the future of work and enjoy a new level of freedom and productivity!


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