Coworking from Spain or Portugal can improve your productivity and enhance your wellbeing.

Stop working from home!

Let's be real here for a second. Home office was supposed to give you the chance to balance your personal and professional life, and to a certain extent it did, but it also brought problems. You have been there: It's 3PM, you are looking out of the window, sitting in the same seat, waiting to start your fourth Zoom meeting of the day, wishing for it to be 5PM to go for a walk in the good ol’ neighborhood. Are you ready for a change?

Work away from home and improve your well-being

Have you spent too much time in the same place without changing your environment & without human interaction? If that is the case, you are feeling that productivity has stunted, motivation is low and stress is high. There are many factors that influence this, but part of it is because you are always stuck at home. On top of that, you are a social animal that need to interact with others. Being at home all the time does not make it easy to meet others.
Working from a coworking space close to nature can change this!

Or do you want to keep feeling the same?

You can stay exactly in the place where you are today. The same four walls and lame routine. Nothing will change and life will continue. Do you see your wellbeing being at its best right now? Maybe you feel fully energized, happy and motivated to do your work every day. If you feel that working from home is giving you what you need, then maybe this is the right thing for you, fine. But if not, there is a way to change this… Start working away from home now!

Start Working by beautiful beaches & meet great coworkers!

While a vacation to get away from the regular routine sounds like a great idea, you do not need to give up working. With Nomad Cowork you can find the best coworking spaces close to the beach in cities like Lisbon, Porto, Ericeira, Barcelona, Valencia and the Canary Islands.
We give you the chance to change your work environment. You will boost your productivity, manage stress effectively, feel motivated, increase interaction with other like-minded professionals like you and create new meaningful relationships in another country.
Imagine going to work in the morning, going for an hour to surf and then head back to work. But wait! It doesn't stop there; at night you have a city to explore and many other things to do. This new location will give you new activities, a new routine, new foods and new experiences that will balance out your life in a way your home office will never do. Sign up now to be one of the first ones to know how to do this.

Learn how to cowork by the beach

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