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It's time to increase and retain your members

We want to delight your future and current space members.

From booking to interacting with your space, we will help you give them the best experience possible to help grow your business.
Booking Management

The journey starts before entering your space. Digital Nomads and Remote Workers will be able to book, free of charge, desks, rooms, or any product that your space offers.

  • Provide Relevant Information: Keep it simple. We answer the questions your potential members have about your space.
  • Better Booking Management: Don’t receive just anyone. Accept or Decline reservation requests based on your availability.
  • Communicate Instantly: Communicate with users throughout the booking process.
  • Social Proof: Use user reviews from your space to popularize it.
Room Reservations

Face-to-face meetings are still a thing. If you are still using google calendar or pen and paper to reserve your space's meeting rooms, we can help you to improve that experience. With Nomad Cowork's Room Reservation feature, your members and guests are able to reserve rooms and phone booths, on-demand, wherever they are.

  • Member Reservations: Have full control over who has permission to make reservations - by selecting your members, through our membership feature.
  • Guest Reservations: Allow guests easy access to your Rooms. Use an activation code for these members to reserve the room.
  • Add All your Rooms: Is it a big meeting room or phone booth? It doesn’t matter. List all your rooms.
  • Full control: Have a full overview of all the reservations. Accept, Decline, Cancel or Create new meetings in any of your rooms.


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